Is the review process for MIUA blind?
MIUA operates a blind review process. Please be sure to remove authors names from the manuscript.

How can I submit a paper to MIUA?
Please submit your paper at https://ocs.springer.com/ocs/home/MIUA2019:

  1. Click on Submit Abstract
  2. Enter the Title and Keywords for your paper
  3. Copy your abstract in the Abstract box
  4. Enter the names, e-mail addresses and affiliations of your authors
  5. Upload your manuscript by clicking the “Choose File” button next to “Paper Document (PDF)”
  6. Click “Submit Abstract”

What type of submission does MIUA accept?
MIUA2019 accepts:

  • Full conference papers
  • Special session papers
  • Clinical Abstracts

I have just uploaded my abstract for MIUA. Do I need to upload the paper now or wait for a decision on the abstract?
Please upload your abstract when you upload the paper. The abstract and paper will be reviewed together.